After sales service

In addition to the reliability of its products, Elan Cité is famous for the reactivity of its organization:

In 2014/2015, 94% of applications were processed instantly or within the day.

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2 YEARS Warranty

All Elan Cité products are guaranteed 24 months on parts. Service for repair abroad  is provided by our local resellers.

  • Radar speed signs,
  • Information displays,
  • Passenger information displays


To allow you to generate savings, Elan Cité products have been specially designed to facilitate the installation and mounting by your own technical services.

However, Elan Cité and our local resellers can offer support for the installation when necessary and additional services to local authorities with a turnkey solution :                                                                                        

  • Concrete block,
  • Trench works,
  • Supply of poles,
  • Mounting,
  • Commissioning,
  • Software installation.

Use help

Our technical team specialized by product range is available for:

  • Training,
  • Installation support,
  • Support for the use of devices and software.

Software update

To ensure you benefit from the newest functionalities and enhancements of our software, Elan Cité offers unlimited free download of software updates.


During and after the guarantee period, you can benefit from comprehensive service contracts including:

  • Part and labor repair
  • Automatic supervision by GPRS
  • Automatic updating of embedded software so you can benefit from the latest innovations in terms of functionality.

About us

Created in 2005 as a French pionneer manufacturer of radar speed signs, Elan Cité now offers a full range of solutions for traffic management, urban and passenger information displays.


sites equipped


radar speed signs installed


Elancity has maintained it's operating capacity. Our personnel are working remotely & remain at your disposal !