Values and Commitments

For a serene town and attentive to the safety of its citizens


Whether it’s for the installation of radar speed signs, urban electronic displays or passenger information displays, the Elan Cité teams provide adapted services and advices to make the product durable.

Elan Cité‘s approach is part of an accompanying logic in the long term where the emphasis on listening and responsiveness to the consideration of the applications is essential.

Also, we are committed to give you an answer, at the latest within 24 hours.

Innovation and simplification


In order to meet the needs of municipalities, Elan Cité‘s teams  conduct a continuous watch on new technologies that can be integrated on the Elan Cité products.


Thus, the features and performances of urban signage, road traffic management and passenger information solutions are optimized in terms of weight, energy savings and provide maintenance services adapted to the challenges of cities.


Technological and ergonomic works performed by Elan Cité‘s teams allow to renew our offer in a logic of performance and simplification of our products.


Every year Elan Cité allocates 10% of its turnover in R&D to provide innovative and reliable products, while controlling the cost of acquisition to remain accessible to all urban areas, regardless of size.

Ethics and respect


Corporate citizen, Elan Cité is committed to the defense of the industry and support local employment. The production of Elan Cité is integrated on its site in Loire-Atlantique and the Elan Cité‘s provider network consists of local business partners.

The major challenge of prevention and protection of lives that local authorities face daily also animates all Elan Cité‘s teams.

Our philosophy


Ease of use


Our commitments

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Products made in France

A 100% French manufacturing

The localization in France of all of Elan Cité‘s subcontractors allows a maximum responsiveness.

The industrialized production process allows to absorb production peaks and to ensure maintenance of quality, even in case of strong increase in activity.

The main subcontractors of Elan Cité are ISO 9001 certified.

Smart design

Radar speed signs, passenger information displays and urban electronic displays are all designed as urban furnitures in order to best fit city environments.

Ease of use

Elan Cité provides simple products to install and set up. For example, radar speed signs, passenger information displays and urban electronic displays can be mounted by a single person.


To benefit from maximum reliability in design, each of the engineers in R / D is specialized in his field:

  • 1 electronic engineer for developing and monitoring the hardware / software components of electronic devices cards,

  • 2 computer engineers for development and monitoring of setup software, retrieving statistics and Bluetooth and GPRS gateways for radar speed signs, passenger information displays and urban electronic displays.

  • 1 mechanical engineer for the definition and optimization of the design and mechanical features (choice of materials, specific forms for maximum usability of the product)

Elan Cite workshops are equipped with a production capacity greater than 500 units per month.

Thus, Elan Cite is able to guarantee the respect of the deadlines and maintaining the manufacturing quality even during peak activity. The manufacturing process is highly industrialized (SMC assembly lines). The assembly entity is ISO 9001 certified.

Elan Cité teams ensure access to the latest technological breakthroughs in the field of radar speed signs:

  • Doppler technology for antennas

  • Choice of the best LEDs on monitoring of the development on the world market

  • Quality and accuracy of traffic data

  • Communication interfaces with the radar speed signs: Windows, Android. GPRS platforms …    

  • Choice of materials offering always more important sustainability performance: resistant to vandalism and natural elements.

  • Power consumption optimization.                                                        

About us

Created in 2005 as a French pionneer manufacturer of radar speed signs, Elan Cité now offers a full range of solutions for traffic management, urban and passenger information displays.


sites equipped


radar speed signs installed


Elancity has maintained it's operating capacity. Our personnel are working remotely & remain at your disposal !