The Interactive Evoflash Solar Beacon

Solar Autonomy & Easy Fitting On Street Furniture

What is the Evoflash?

The Evoflash is the only interactive beacon with an in-built radar antenna.

It is easily mounted on your current Street Furniture and reinforces the messages relayed by your existing signage.

What sets it apart is its internal radar antenna. This allows the Evoflash to be triggered when it detects an incoming vehicle travelling at a speed that exceeds the threshold of your choosing.

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A standard beacon flashes in an automated, permanent or semi-permanent manner. The risk is that the motorist will quite simply not pay attention and not ‘see’ the beacon. The Evoflash, on the other hand, reacts to motorist behaviour.

The Evoflash will remain inert where the motorist respects the speed limitation. Where the motorist does NOT respect the speed limitation (or indeed, the activation threshold that you, the user, decides upon) the device will be triggered.

In addition, the Evoflash possesses a photosensitive cell that allows it to automatically adapt the luminosity of its output & optimise the efficiency of its solar panel.

A low-cost solution

The Evoflash is a reasonably priced solution that renders it affordable to small communities but also to larger towns or cities whose requirements may be of a greater scale.

Easy Fitting

The Evoflash is compatible with the vast majority of your existing Street Furniture.

It’s installation kit includes a mounting kit for the Solar Panel with a pole extension system available on option.

The installation procedure is complete in a matter of minutes.

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The Evoflash’s sleek design means it will not look out of place on your existing Street Furniture.

The battery, as well as the operator control system, are housed inside the main casing and are safely protected from the elements.

Zero Operating Costs

The Evoflash requires very little energy with which to operate. The Solar Panel is entirely sufficient to ensure seamless operation 24/7, all year long.


Elancity possesses over 10 years experience & can promise that your Evoflash device will remain fully operational even in the most extreme weather conditions. The radar antenna as well as the electronic components are identical to those of our Evolis Radar Speed Sign.

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