Citéa passenger information display

Discover passenger information display

With the Citéa passenger information display, inform passengers in real-time about waiting and passing time schedules of public transport (bus, tramway).

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Simplicity and Efficiency

Installed on any pole, the Citéa passenger information display is easily integrated on any bus-stop.

Connected by GPRS, the real time update of estimated waiting times allows to better fit expectations of passengers and display real-time information useful to travelers.

Device control simplified with an open and standardized protocol integrated by most suppliers of SAE / SIV solutions.


Designed as a street furniture, the Citéa passenger information terminal offers a compact design incorporating batteries, antenna and GPRS connection.

Energy saving

With a 12V low voltage power supply, Citéa display consumes little energy.

Elan cité can be recharged by solar or street lighting system.

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Découvrez Evolis

Avec le radar pédagogique Evolis Solution, sécurisez les entrées de bourg, les abords des écoles et les zones accidentogènes de votre ville.

Simple à installer et à paramétrer, le radar pédagogique Evolis permet de réduire efficacement la vitesse dans les agglomérations.

Prenez la bonne décision d’aménagement de votre ville grâce aux statistiques de trafic du radar pédagogique Evolis.

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About us

Created in 2005 as a French pionneer manufacturer of radar speed signs, Elan Cité now offers a full range of solutions for traffic management, urban and passenger information displays.


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Elancity has maintained it's operating capacity. Our personnel are working remotely & remain at your disposal !